Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unplanned Pregnancy & Homeschooling

If I have learned anything from my closed adoption experience, it's that one decision can have far-reaching effects. Oddly enough, our decision to homeschool, on my part anyway, is kind of tied to my unexpected pregnancy in high school.

Recently I wrote an ezine article entitled Homeschooling Starts Early. It's the story of how my experiences then kind of drove me to take a hard look at homeschooling. I'm not trying to influence your educational decisions in any way here. It just intrigues me how a principal's comment and an unplanned pregnancy over 25 years ago are still influencing the direction of my life and now the lives of my children.

Of course we can't ever know where 'the road not taken' would have lead us. It's impossible to know what may or may not have happened if my mom would have taken me out of public school. But it's also not really worth my time thinking about it. It's not going to change anything.

Do you ever find yourself looking at your life and seeing how decisions made long ago are still having influence over you today?

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  1. answer to the question is YES. but I also thank God for every turn good or Bad I learned a lession and Today my children will hopfully learn from my life. I also pray they will have a forgiving heart for and choice I made or they felt I made that ever caused pain when it was ment for good. ( like sending N to bed early because he was sleepy LOL and he hatted me for it I was titled the worst mom that night awe)