Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Bittersweet Blessing"

I love reading. I'll read anything, anywhere, any time. I don't read much on adoption, because I've found that I don't deal well with anything adoption-related (with the exception of being involved in the online world). I don't like movies about it, books about it, or TV shows about it. It brings me to a strange place emotionally, and I usually numb myself to it or go through a box of Kleenex in ten minutes. I did read this book, though, and it was really good. Have any of you read it? It's about adoption pre-Roe v. Wade.

I was drawn into reading Bittersweet Blessing by Ashley Salazar - a girl who was on one of the recent seasons of 16 & Pregnant on MTV. That show used to be my guilty pleasure...I loved watching it, but wasn't quite sure why, and never really admitted that I did. I stopped watching it after a season or so, but I did watch Ashley's episode, which came out the month after I gave birth to and placed my daughter. She was a 16 year old girl who was contemplating adoption for her baby. She went back and forth, just like I did, and eventually realized that her daughter deserved a better life than she could provide at the time. I cried from beginning to end, but it was a nice release for me. My story mirrored hers in so many ways, and it was nice to "relate" to someone.

This book was good, perhaps not as good as I thought it was going to be, but I was still drawn in enough to finish it in a day. The writing style is not my favorite, but I felt like I was the one narrating the book for several chapters. If you want a quick read but aren't looking for anything too too deep, this might be a book worth reading.

Do any of you know of any other good adoption-related books? I think I may start dipping my toes in the waters of adoption literature...any suggestions are welcome!

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