Friday, April 26, 2013

New Blogger writing about Adoption in Films

I'm Natasha and I become a birth mother at 19 years old when I made an open adoption plan for my daughter, born in 1998.  We share love for eating ice cream and cuddling with cats.

After watching countless movies that portray adoption and being angry and disappointed after every film, I have decided to write about it and my posts here on the BirthMom Buds Blog will be about this project.  We need to hear from birth mothers themselves to speak to their own narrative. Adoptions wouldn't happen without these mothers signing relinquishing papers.
A common contemporary illustration of adoption is described as a triad, containing birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees at their respectable points in the triangle. For me, when I watch a movie or when I read a story about adoption, I am curious about all points of the triad. For it to be a well rounded story, I need information about all parts of the triad. Frequently, I only see part of the story. Adoption stories told from the adoptive parents perspective starts from when they gained custody of their child or when they decided to adopt a child.
And rarely does it include a story through the eyes of experience of the women having to make the decision to place a child for adoption. These women are invisible mothers.  Without these mothers signing relinquishing papers (if she is alive during the adoption), there wouldn't be an adoption taking place. I don’t believe mothers sign relinquishing papers because they do not want the children they place for adoption. Rather, the circumstances they were in during pregnancy and at the time they signed away their rights, they did not have the resources they needed to raise the child placed for adoption.
During this project, I hope that I will find a new wave of the way films about adoption are portrayed. Stories that are based on reality and not on myths which further perpetuates false ideas and stereotypes about adoption. 

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  1. Welcome Natasha...I am an adoptive father & like you I am interested in all points of view & the experiences of ALL triad members. I am also bothered by the inaccuracies portrayed in films...especially when it may impact the way my daughters see or think about adoption. Any way, I welcome you here & look forward to reading your blog.