Sunday, February 6, 2011

Slideshow Submissions

We are now accepting admissions for the 2011 Slideshow! 

In case you are a new member of BirthMom Buds and have no clue what I'm talking about, let me explain. Each year we create a slideshow featuring our members' and their children. The slideshow debuts at our Birthmother's Day Retreat and then they are on the website afterwards.

Here are links to the past slideshows if you want to check them out: 
A Birthmother's Love (2006)

A Birthmother's Wish (2007)

A Birthmother's Hope (2008)

A Birthmother is Never Alone (2009)
You'll be in My Heart (2010)

So, for the 2011 Slideshow we are looking for pictures of you with your child, hospital photos, pregnancy photos, photos of you with birthmother friends, photos of you with your child's adoptive parents, etc. Higher resolution photos work best. 

Please be sure and include details about who is in the photo when you email it in. Also, sending in multiple photos is fine as it gives us something to choose from so that we can use what fits the song best. We will use at least one photo from each person who submits a photo. 

By sending me your photo you are giving me your permission to use it. I'm also assuming that by sending me your photo, you have permission from the other people in the photo to use it.

Email your photos to us. 

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