Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Open Adoptions Legally Enforceable in Pennsylvania

Here's a link to an interesting article. In October of last year, the state of Pennsylvania made open adoptions legally enforceable. The article breaks down the law and tells you the specifics of the law. 


  1. Awesome!!!!!! Hopefully it wont be long before it is enforceable in every state!

  2. Don't get too excited. This was a bad bill. Some bills/laws LOOK good on paper, this one doesn't even do that. And like in the other states with so-called "enforceable" open adoptions, it's not as easy as many would like to think.

    At the end of the day, the adopters still have the control. One phrase such as, "it's not in our child's best interest to keep the adoption open", and it WILL be closed.

    Not to mention if the first parents are not aware of the correct filing procedures before the adoption is finalized, there is no "open adoption". Most attorneys are paid for/by the ap's or agency, and the first parents are not properly informed about the filings needed for this.

  3. Linda so true. I think it gives first parents false hopes that they actually have rights. I mean once you place that baby- you lose ALL your rights whether there is supposedly a law. So I would caution any new first mother to be very cautious and do not bank on this one bit. Hell our government is known to make all kind of bills on paper and they never make it thru. The government would be the last person I'd ever depend on if looking for guidance with my adoption.

  4. Very good points, Linda and Michele. My question with laws like these is how the heck are they going to be enforced - what "punishment" would be involved if either party doesn't follow the law? It's just so complicated, but that's adoption for you, complicated.