Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate, the Root to all Happiness...

First, I want to start this post by saying I'm sorry for being so MIA lately with blogging, I just haven't really been in the mood to blog, write, or even look at anything that has been adoption related. Not because I don't want to, but it's just been one of those weeks. But I finally got off my "woe is me" soap box and am back now with lots of things to share.

I will start with last week, it was the week that I turned 24. The past 4 years I have always looked forward to my birthday because they are times in which you are celebrating your life and celebrating things that you look forward to in that year of your life. Well, this year I guess that I just wasn't as excited as I should have been. I think the biggest reason why, is because it brought back memories to where I was last year on my 23rd birthday. I was pregnant with the most amazing little boy on the planet and I was able to just enjoy that time, those kicks and finding out in the month of January that E was in fact a boy :). I also remember, 2 days before my birthday I was admitted into the hospital with a massive kidney infection (that was not my favorite part) but it's how I found out what his sex was. But, with this birthday looming over my head I just had a wave of emotions, and so many questions that I had to ask myself. I was wondering "what if people don't show up, what if people ditch me, what if we don't have the money to go out and celebrate the way that everyone should be able to celebrate?" and of course those are all pathetic questions but I'll admit those were things going through my head.

Well, the day arrived and I had many surprises, my husband brought me flowers when he had a break from work as well as he bought me 2 bottles of wine (he just knows me so well), and then I get this AWESOME knock on my door *insert sarcasm here*. It was UPS....I will say this they need to calm down with the knocking...I believe 2 times is enough. But it was a package from E's parents. I opened it and it was a potted rose bush plant (yellow roses, his parents' favorite).When I opened it I just started crying. I was never expecting anything from them. I mean, of course I was thinking I'd get some kind of card or a well wish via text message but never thought that they'd ever send me anything in the mail. Well, I opened it and was then sad because the leaves were black (meaning that the plant was dead and not because of the delivery, but because of how flipping cold it had been). I was just so sad, but I sent a Thank You message to them and told them how much I appreciated them, only to find out there was a second part to my gift which I was supposed to receive the next day. Needless to say, the weather in the Midwest, as well as on the East Coast made me receive it on Monday.

When Monday came I got another box from UPS....I was SO excited. I just love receiving boxes in the mail as well as getting to open up awesome surprises. Well, this one not so much. Thank you to the packaging for this company, as well as the H. E double hockey sticks that this box went through being sent to me from a bakery in NYC I had 4 smashed cupcakes and a ravaged box. The box that held my birthday cupcakes, which by the way were my FAVORITE flavors looked like it had been shredded by ravaged dogs and I had sprinkles and chocolate/red velvet cupcakes all over the place. I was so upset. I don't even know why I was upset, but I called the number on the order form and I was very polite and asked the lady if there was anything I could do. At first I didn't say anything about who they were from and how much this particular gift meant to me because normally people always feel sorry for you or think you're lying. Well, at first she was only going to give back E's parents half of their shipping cost, and I would be left with nothing. And I pretty much had to lay all of my cards on the table, to a complete stranger. I had to tell her, so I did. I just let her know this "these cupcakes, are more than just cupcakes to me. These are a gift from 3 of the most important people in my life and receiving them in this condition is just heartbreaking. The money isn't a huge deal to me, it's the fact that with this weather and the care that was taken with these I'm just not happy." and then I just started to cry.

I don't know why those two presents meant so much to me but they did. Normally, you have your adoption where you get things like pictures, emails, or phone calls and those light up your day. Well, they do light up my day, but knowing that E's parents care so much, and love me enough to even think about me on my birthday just really pulled at my heart strings.

The reason that this blog post is titled "Chocolate, the Root to all Happiness" is really just that. We eat chocolate to make us happy, when we get chocolate from friends we are happy, well, I received chocolate cupcakes and I was happy.

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  1. I'm excited you were remembered. and Sad your gifts did not make it in perfect condition.