Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Introduction of Sorts

Hey, it's me, Leilani.....I'm Baaack !

For those of you who already know me and those that don't, I'm sorry!  Life kind of got in the way and for a long time I've been the person you only read about on the Founders page of BirthMom Buds, saw pop in from time to time during Monday night chats, possibly met at a Birthmom’s Day event, or heard of by reference as Coley’s BFF.  But I'm excited to announce you'll be hearing more from me every other Sunday on here on the BirthMom Buds blog. I will be sharing some inspiring insight from my faith walk to hopefully inspire you on yours.

My goal is never to offend anyone but realistically when it comes to faith it is very easy to find offense. So I ask you please, if one week you find yourself not feeling overjoyed with my thoughts, just bear with me and see if next week might apply to your life.  

Let me give you a little insight about who I am; I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ. I love the Lord and feel every day that I should live it out in all I do. I believe loving others is the greatest thing you could do for them rather than telling them what to do.  I know what it's like to live a broken life and find myself on my knees in hopes of God still desiring to be a part of my life. I can truly say I'm transformed, a completely NEW creation in Christ, and a much better looking one now at that.    So whether you're a Christian or not my hope is that these blogs may give you a great guideline to just being a happier you.

So enjoy and see you in the weeks to come!

Be Blessed,