Friday, June 13, 2014

The Healing Words, Part Two

Read part 1 here

Some of you may not think you have the strength to tell your story, but you do.  First of all, you’re a birth mom, that right there says A LOT!   If you don’t know how to start, let me give you some tips.  Remember, nothing is going to be perfect the first time it comes out and you have the power to edit.  This is your story!

First of all, create a timeline of the events, from meeting the birth father to coming home from the hospital, and everything in between.  Then, take a section at a time, in any order, and expand upon it.  Talk about the details and your feelings.  It is important not to leave anything out.  There is no timeframe to finish or that the story even needs to be read by anyone else.  But I promise you that when you are ready to start, the words will come.

If you are having a hard time getting started I encourage you to read other birth mother stories on this blog.  There are so many adoption blogs out there and different stories of placement.  See how you already relate to so many women.   Writing the whole story can feel overwhelming, so if you are not ready for that, start with a letter to yourself and/or a letter to your birth son or birth daughter.  

Another fellow birthmother started a blog that began with her story in letters, entitled, Letters To You, then she added her whole story.   (I have guest posted on this site, as well, with the letter I wrote to myself.) 

Once you find a format that works for you and your story fill it with unconditional love, add some peace and understanding, and you will start healing.    

Have you already shared your story?  Is it on BirthMom Buds?  How has writing your story helped you heal?  Was there another way that you told your story? 

Also as a new blogger, are there any topics you’d like discussed, or have any thing you’d like to say? 
I’d love to hear your comments!

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