Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Time

Sometimes I think the greatest thing is the passage of time. If I am in a stage of life that I don't really like, I know it will end. If I'm in a stage of life I love, it keeps me balanced to know that that too will end.

But sometimes I think the hardest thing is the passage of time. Time just keeps on going no matter what. My father passed away almost eight years ago. It has been difficult and emotional dealing with that loss. But what really saddens me some days is that in 20 years, he'll still be gone.

And so it is with Katie, my birthdaughter. This week she turns 25. And just like that, she's a grown up. I've missed all of it. The birthdays, the graduations, the celebrations. I know she's happy. She has a loving family around her. But I've missed that time and can never get it back.

Happy birthday, Baby.

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