Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Countdown to Seeing Noah

I get to have my third visit with Noah in 11 days!

This visit is going to be different.  My mom is coming and so his Noah's grandma (along with the adoptive mom).  Noah is also going to be walking and speaking actual words.  I just want everything to go perfectly.  I want his grandma to love me.  I don't want to cry when I hear him say "mom" to someone else, even though that IS his mom.   I am excited to see Noah and my mom together, it will be their first time seeing each other since the hospital.

It is scary because I don't know how Noah will react to me.  The last time I saw him was 6 months ago and he was 2 months shy of a year old and didn't cry when I held him or anything.  But now he's WALKING, what?! Crazy how time flies.  I am scared, but also hopeful that my relationship with Noah will grow more, and blessed that his family is driving 4 hours just to see me.

I will never take these visits for granted and although these visits are intimidating, they are also my greatest gift.

My first and second visit with Noah

Lots of Love,


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