Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Lie of Irrelevancy

Recently I attended a conference of sorts that was looking for ways to reach the younger generation, specifically those in their 20s. Now the organizers, attenders and most speakers were in their 60s so the generation gap is noticeable.

My situation is that I'm not 60. And I'm not 20. I'm somewhere in between. Yet the conference organizers were not focusing on reaching ME. They were focusing on reaching those younger than me. Much much younger.

Because of the way my brain works, it took me a couple days to sort out all the information I had heard and been bombarded with. And it left me feeling irrelevant. As in unimportant. Such a yucky word. And so deflating for someone who walks everyday in her purpose.

But my friend was quick to come alongside me and remind me that that lie of irrelevancy was straight from the pit of hell. We all matter. We are all important to God. And we all have a specific plan and purpose for our lives. Just because I'm not 60 or 20 does not take me out of the game.

Are you feeling irrelevant today? Is something making you feel that you don't matter? or that you are not important? It's a lie. Don't fall for it.

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