Thursday, October 9, 2014

Be flexible!

I have heard this expression more times than I care to count. Whenever I'm in a tight spot or a stressful situation, invariably someone will remind me to be flexible. Many times my immediate reaction is to tell them to shut up. But other times it helps.

So what does it mean to be flexible? The dictionary defines it as capable of being bent, usually without breaking; adaptable; pliable. It's easy to think about this description as it relates to a ruler, let's say, or even the latest iPhone. But how exactly does it apply to me?

Well recently we were on a Family Road Trip, which if  you know anything about me, you know I just love. But things weren't going according to plan. (It's funny how even on a 'vacation' or 'time away' we still have expectations, isn't it?) Anyway, at the moment we were sitting on the interstate not moving, the thought popped into my head to 'be flexible'. Ugh! I wanted that voice to keep quiet! But since I had nothing other to do than to be still and think, I asked myself (quietly of course) what does it mean to be flexible in this situation?

It was then that I came up with my own definition. Ready? Here it is. To be flexible means to stop holding on so tightly to what I want or think I want. Ha! How does that feel? Yep, it was a little startling to me too. But as soon as I relaxed my grip on the plan I had in my head, I was able to stop stressing over the fact we weren't moving and start enjoying the beauty of the mountains all around me.

Try it today. Take one thing you are hanging onto tightly and relax your grip just a little. You may be surprised as what happens.

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