Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amazing Race Birthmother and Daughter

If you follow this blog you probably saw my post about Andie and Jenna, reunited birthmother and daughter who were competing in this season of The Amazing Race. Sadly, Andie and Jenna were eliminated this past Sunday in just the second leg of the competition.

There's a short interview with them in People Magazine. You can read it online here. There's also a good interview on MSN, you can read that one here. In the MSN interview, Jenna is asked what their relationship is like today since the episode was actually filmed months ago. Jenna answers, "We really achieved our goal that we set going into the race—we wanted to become friends, and we definitely have. We email back and forth—we're never going to have time together again like we did on the race. I always know that if I need to talk to Andie, I can. "

Since they don't live in the same area, Andie and Jenna say they don't see each other in person much but they do stay in touch via email, texting, and such.

While this reunion playing out on TV was definately unique and not typical it was interesting to watch and even though they were eliminated early, I think they did those of us in the adoption community proud.


  1. I actually cried when they were eliminated this week!! I didn't really think they would make it very far, but I wanted to see them get through more than just two weeks of the race. But what an awesome experience for them right?!

  2. Thanks for posting the links to the interviews. I was sad they were eliminated so soon.

  3. I LOVE the amazing race! I was very sad to see them be eliminated.

  4. Hi! Thanks for your support. It was definitely a dream come true to meet Jenna and spend time I never would have had with her otherwise. I feel like even though I don't know you all, you are my sisters in a way, because no one knows what it's like to be a birthmom unless you are one:-) Best wishes to all of you! Andie
    PS - Jenna and I cried our eyes out watching the ending the other night too, Amy, even though we knew what was going to happen LOL!

  5. Very pleased for the sake of their reunion they were eliminated.No-one needs that extra pressure at such an important time.

  6. I cried when they were eliminated too. I so wanted to see them go further!