Monday, September 27, 2010

Reunited Birthmom and Daughter on Amazing Race

Color me surprised when I was watching The Amazing Race premiere tonight and one of the teams is a birthmother and her reunited adult daughter!

Years ago, Andie DeKroon found herself in an unplanned pregnancy at age 22. She chose adoption for her baby girl and went on to get married and have 10 more children that she is raising with her husband.

In 2008, University of Georgia student Jenna Sykes decided she wanted to locate her birthmother and found Andie. The pair wrote old fashioned letters for 18 months as Jenna needed to ease into a relationship. She says she felt extremely overwhelmed just knowing her birthmother's name.

Last year, Jenna posted a Tweet saying she'd love to be on The Amazing Race. Seeing this, Andie thought it would be a unique way for them to get to know one another. Jenna agreed and they recorded separate audition tapes merging them together. In fact, the first time they heard one another's voices was on the audition tapes!

Anyone experienced in the adoption community knows that reunions are tricky, challenging, and emotional. I can't imagine having it all play out while you are being followed by a slew of cameras and racing around the world for a million dollars but I'll be watching and rooting for Jenna and Andie!



  1. Won't we all but what a strange way to get to know each other!So public, so much pressure, so many expectations.

  2. Hope you don't mind that I put your blog on my blog as on of my favorites to read.

  3. That would be wild, so wild!
    I'll root for any way to build a good solid relationship!

  4. I was pretty stoked to see this as well! You should have seen me. I was watching it with my husband and burst out "oh my gosh, she's a Birth Mom!!! You can bet that I'll be watching next week and secretly hoping they win, although they aren't the strongest of competitors.