Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

With Thanksgiving only a week past, it's time for the crazy Christmas season. It seems strange to feel so stressed when this time last week I was focused on what I was most thankful for. And while the calendar still says November, I already feel behind. Let me give you a few examples:

My neighbor's Christmas lights have been up for over a week now.

Some of my friends have their gifts bought and wrapped.

I'm already receiving Christmas cards in the mail. And the list goes on.

Me? Well, let's see... We put up some lights last night. I have bought a few gifts and have thought about buying more. And Christmas cards? Ummmm... they haven't hit my radar yet.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed this time of year especially. The idea of "keeping up with the neighbors" takes on a whole new meaning when tiny white lights are involved.

So this year I need to focus on caring for myself amidst the stress. Getting plenty of rest, taking time to work out and doing something enjoyable like reading top my list.

How are you preparing for the Christmas season?

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  1. I am focusing on the true meaning "CHRIST-MAS". I don't get hyped up nor feel guilty for my family and I agree it is not about gift's. It's about celebrating our Lord and Savior for this life that he gave unto us. We Celebrate Christ Jesus now and everyday. I this year as last year faced major health problems. Very Thankful for second chances. Focused on getting my HEALTH back so I can continue to do God's work. I think our Lord and Savior wants us to take care of ourselves and to spend lots of quality time with our families and paying it forward to those that need some LOVE and Inspiration in their lives. Merry Christmas All!!! As Terri said take good care of yourself this holiday season, Now and always.