Friday, November 16, 2012


A short time ago, my family and I took a much-needed vacation. We flew from the central time zone to the eastern only to turn around and fly to the pacific time zone. Since it also happened to be on the "turn-your-clocks-back-an-hour" day of the year, we were worn out when we arrived. As a result, I wasn't very nice to the lady that was trying to sell me a spot for a time share presentation.

But I digress.

The next morning, my husband rolls over, looks at me and says, "What time is it?"

I mean really, all I could do was laugh. Because at that moment I had absolutely no idea. My body thought it was 2 hours later than the clock said. And even the clocks were wrong because of the night before daylight savings time change.

Have you experienced that feeling of timelessness? The years and the developmental stages of our birthchildren's growth slip by unnoticed to us because we're not there. Even with cards and visits it can feel like they are growing up over night.

Of course it's not overnight. It's year after tedious year. My birthdaughter was 17 before I had any children of my own and it has been startling to realize just a little bit all I have missed. When I met her the first time, she was already driving, had boobs and was about to move out on her own.

This is the part when I give some great tip that I've learned about slowing down time so it doesn't pass so quickly. I don't have anything like that. All I can do is cherish the time I've had with her and take what she gives me. Sometimes she'll message me on facebook. Other times she doesn't. My choice is to be content with where our relationship is, or be upset and angry about something which I can do nothing to fix.

Who knows? Maybe in time, things will be different.

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