Thursday, September 20, 2012


I love the way this site connects us to one another. Research tells me that there must be millions of us out there, somewhere. But since birthmothering is not something that usually comes up in random conversation, how would we find each other were it not for a place like this.

I know when I do happen on another birthmom I feel an instant connection and understanding. While our stories may not even be similar, the root is always the same.

I have experienced this again recently through an email relationship with another birthmom. She is going through a really rough patch right now, while I seem to be on solid footing. Even though we've never met in person and we may never meet face to face, I get to give her a hand and encourage her during her rough time. Our stories aren't the same, but that doesn't matter. We are connected by our loss.

I'm so glad we have each other, aren't you? Let's continue to look for ways to encourage each other and lift each other up.

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