Friday, December 23, 2011

Spotlight Blogger: Meet Joniece

This week's featured blogger is Joniece of "'Mistakes' Becoming Miracles."  Let's find out a little more about Joniece...

First, please tell us a bit more about yourself (name, age, where you live, what led you to making an adoption plan, and anything else you feel comfortable sharing).

I'm Joniece (john-iece) and I am 22 years of age, and I live in the United States of America... I say that because I don't really reside anywhere due to my job (I am a Flight Attendant), but you can find me mainly in El Paso, Houston, or Newark. I got pregnant at 18, and at that time, my son's birthfather and I were on less-than-ideal terms. I wanted a specific life for my son, one I could not provide single handedly. I wanted one where he had two parents who were married and loved each other, who could provide an amazing, loving, life for my little boy. I can honestly say (3 years after placement) it was the best decision I could have made. Read my blog for more :)

When and why did you begin blogging?

I began blogging I believe in 2009, so about 2 years ago. I think I began blogging primarily because I wanted to share my story. I am a very honest person, I typically don't sugar coat things and I felt that on a sensitive subject such as adoption and placing, people had the right to hear sensor-free experiences. Not to mention it's a journey that Gavin can one day read and an outlet for me to express my feelings.

Tell us more about the title of your blog.  Why did you choose it?

The title of my blog is "Mistakes" Becoming Miracles... It's pretty self explanatory, but regarding adoption although my son was definitely not a mistake... making the choice to participate in the act of creation before I was ready certainly was... so it's more about something that is frowned upon or has a negative connotation becoming something beautiful and miraculous.. ie. Gavin 

Has the response to your posts been mostly positive, mostly negative, or a mix of both?

Definitely mostly positive, I have had a few negative responses hear and there WHICH I LOVE let me tell you, because it gives me a chance to see where other people are coming from, and I love the fact that not everyone has the same opinion as me... but I address those accordingly, and move on. I have been lucky though! I adore my readers :)

 What post on your blog do you consider a “must read” for people visiting your blog for the first time?  Or what post(s) from your blog is (or are) your favorite(s) and why?

Well since my blog is a "journey" I consider all of them a must read, but if I MUST pick one haha, I definitely think it is the blog called "My letter to you,", which addresses young expectant mothers who have found themselves in the same or similar situation I found myself in some 4 years ago... if there is any post that reiterates the purpose of my blog it is that one.. it's more saying "Hey you aren't alone in this!  I know."

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of starting their own blog?

Honesty and knowledge. If you want to start your own blog, it should probably be about something you have experienced or are knowledgeable about, that way you can be of some benefit to your readers, and anything you write about should be typed or said in the up most honest way possible. I am a very opinionated individual and some of them aren't always pretty, but I try to be as raw and as honest as I can be about the ups and downs of adoption, and I think most people should do the same regarding whatever their blog is about!

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