Thursday, December 8, 2011

Almost a Birthmother

I know I've said it before, but if you throw out the word adoption anywhere, you are likely to get a response.

Sometimes it's visceral. Sometimes it is someone who whispers their story to you in secret. It's almost always surprising.

Today was no different.

I was just going about my day catching up on emails on totally unrelated matters when a friend's response was about the business at hand. But in her second paragraph she started, "And by the way, I've been reading your blog...." She then delved into her own painful story of unplanned pregnancy. She told me about her own decision to parent her son with lots of family support.

But then she sent a second email. That email told about how just a few years ago, she had learned that if she would have been any younger, her parents would have forced her to place her child with an adoptive family.

She definitely feels like God's timing was perfect in that situation. And now she cannot imagine life without her son.

The decisions we make today affect our tomorrows. In the case of any pregnant lady, the decision affects ALL of the tomorrows. Just one more story for the books.

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  1. The laws may be different in different states, but here in Texas, if you are underage and heading for adoption, your parents only have to give their (legal) permission--no forcing. I'm not saying your friend is a liar--she may be just repeating what someone told her--but I find it hard to believe that ANYONE--underage or not--would be legally bound to be forced into adoption or keeping the baby. But then again, I don't know, so it could be true--just not in MY state.