Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mommy or Birthmom?

Have  you ever noticed that sometimes things come in themes in your life? Like sometimes it seems that I know lots of people struggling with infertility. Or they are all buying homes.

Lately the common denominator is adoption. I think I'll be able to get several posts out of this one week's activity!

My friends from church were selected by an expectant mother making an adoption plan just three short weeks ago. Maybe that's good that they have only been anticipating this for a short time. They connected with the her, attended the birth, and left the hospital with the baby.

But then six days later, she changed her mind.

Twenty years ago, I would have railed on her. I would have told her how wrong she was to change her mind like that. I would have cursed her indecision and chided her for putting such a great family through the ringer.

Funny how time changes everything. Twenty years ago I was a birthmother living with my own pain pushed way down inside. I was so sure of my own decision that I projected that same decision on every other single, pregnant gal.

It's taken more than two decades to show me otherwise. That young lady has every right to change her mind. This is the time to make her decision and stick to it. Admittedly, the time after having a baby is very emotional. But this is one of those decisions that determines and affects the whole course of one's life.

I'm sorry for my friends' broken hearts. I really am. But I'm glad she followed her heart.

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