Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day, Lincoln, and Anniversaries

One of my memories of the first year after my closed adoption is Valentine's Day. This particular one fell 11 months after placement and I was shopping with my mom in a Hallmark store. I thought I was fine and I was. Until I saw the heart balloons.

And the heart cards.

And the lovey dovey crap that that store sells.

I promptly burst into tears unable to control or stop the flood running down my face.

I really don't remember much after that, but surely I ran out of the store in an attempt to save face.

What is it about heart-shaped balloons that makes me sad? Why does the idea of love make me want to burst out in tears?

My parents' wedding anniversary falls two days before V-Day, which happens to be Abe Lincoln's birthday. That time of year holds wonderful memories for me of anniversary celebrations and special dinners.

But after Katie was born, I just hid inside my shell until that blasted day was over.

So what do you do to commemorate Valentine's Day? Or do you just hole up and wait for it to be over?

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