Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Best for You Adoption Book

Our friend, author, and fellow birthmom Kelsey Stewart asked us to spread the word about Adoptive Families Circle Magazine seeking nominations for your favorite adoption books. While, I'm sure they are expecting a lot of aoptive parents to vote and nominate books, I think it would be awesome if some birthmother voices were held as well. 

Kelsey is asking you to consider nominating her book, The Best for You. I had the pleasure of thumbing through a copy of Kelsey's book last year when she donated some copies as door prizes for our Birthmother's Day Celebration. It is written from a birthmother's perspective and talks about how a birthmother just wants the best for her child. It has fun illustrations appealing to a child. 

Here's what Kelsey had to say about her book and nominating it: 
"I get at least two to three messages a day from folks telling me how much they appreciate the children's book I wrote titled, The Best For You. I love these messages because it tells me that so many have embraced the message in the book that adoption is about the love for a child, not that the child was not wanted. Always touches my heart to hear others talk about how the book is helping them, or their chidlren, understand the mind of a birth mother a little better.

Well, I found this link this morning and thought I would pass it along to all of you. Adoptive Families Circle Magazine is taking nominations for your favorite adoption books and one of the categories is Children's Books. Take some time to click on the link and tell them about what your favorite books are and who knows, you may even win the Kindle that they are giving away!

You can help out this author, who is still trying to get her message to the masses, reach many more people just by entering and nominating The Best For You. It only takes a few minutes, and feel free to pass it along if you like. There are other categories that you can nominate a book for as well, so go take a look and make your opinion heard!"

Go here to nominate Kelsey's book. 

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  1. Thank you ladies! I sure appreciate the shout out and am thankful that I have friends like you!