Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Feel You Sister

While enjoying what I like to call my quite time (this is the time I leave my desk  and hide in my car for lunch or the few minutes at home when I’ve remembered to lock my bathroom door) I was reading a woman’s devotional book. After reading a verse out of Galatians, I stopped reading and was lost deep in thought soaking in the words on the page and letting them speak to my heart. If you would have tapped on the window of my car or knocked on the bathroom door, I would have hurt myself from jumping so hard.  (Now you can see just how deep in thought I was.) 

Galatians 6:2 reads, “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the laws of Christ.”

I realized how powerful this verse is and how BirthMom Buds tries to encompass the very meaning. What would life be like if we all followed these simple instructions? Too many times we want to get in the pit with someone. This does not always help and you’ll both just end up dirty. 

None of us can take someone else’s pain away or fully understand it. It’s a possession all their own. Sometimes we treat our pain like a security blanket that is all torn and stained, fearing to let it go for a wash and repair when in reality if we let it do, we’ll get it back with a new look and a better use. 

If we help hold others up in their pain we might find that their eyes move off the pain just long enough to see there is someone looking down on them with love who longs to remove the burdens of pain; someone who fully understands letting a child go for the greater good. 

And I realize that not all of us were given a choice in relinquishing our child for adoption. But your forgiving heart can help another birthmom learn the power and freedom of forgiveness. Thus, living out Galatians 6:2 and lifting a burden. 

Be blessed, 


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