Thursday, May 24, 2012

Motivating Regret

Since my closed adoption, I have struggled with many things one of which is regret. I have had so many regrets that I honestly didn't realize some of them until I started writing about them.

Regret can be a very strong motivator for healing if we will let it. Last week I was talking to a young college student. She is earning good grades and working hard towards applying to nursing school. She is also the mother of a 10-month old baby boy. She told me she has given up the dream of the “white picket fence”, but she’s ok with that now. She said it has been hard, but now she sees what is really important and wants to stay focused so she can provide a good life for her and her son. She said that although her dreams for the future have died, she has a new dream.

That’s letting poor decisions encourage better ones in the future. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why should I put myself through this? What is there to gain? Is there really anything better than what I already have?

The answer is YES! But more than that, God did not allow those things to happen to you to punish you. He allowed those things to come into your life for a reason. Those are the things he will use to deepen your faith and give you meaning and purpose. Those are the things he will use to show you his mighty hand of restoration. And those are the things he will use to show you, to prove to you, that he is who he says he is and you are who the Bible says you are.

 My husband and I tried for years and years to have a baby on our own. After my own unplanned pregnancy at age 15, imagine how surprised I was to find out that I couldn’t get pregnant when I actually wanted to. Did I struggle with regret? You bet. But finally having a child became an even bigger blessing because of our doubt and struggle.

Trust God with your doubt, your regret, your struggled. He will get you through to blessings you can't even imagine on the other side.

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  1. I just want to say thank you for this post. It really hit home with me. :)