Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just What I Need

It's sad when my own words come back to encourage me. Or mock me. Sometimes I'm not sure which it is. This is a passage I wrote a few years ago and came across earlier today. I hadn't planned to write about it, but it was just exactly what I needed to hear and I couldn't resist.

This Thanksgiving morning as I was praying and trying in my own strength to make sense of my life, part of the Lord's Prayer came to mind, the part that says, "Give us today our daily bread." Strange, since I don't usually pray the Lord's prayer. In fact, my prayers often sound more like senseless rambling. How short-tempered do I get when no one asks how I'm doing or what's going on with me? But not God. He doesn't expect that. He knows we're human and selfish by nature. After all, he created us, didn't he?

Anyway, back to my rambling. I was asking for something specific from God, a new way of dealing with a continual challenge. I honestly try not to ask for a specific thing very often because I'm smart enough to know how much I don't know. I've also seen in my life how I've asked for something, gotten it, but it has been far from the blessing I was hoping for. That's when this passage hit me. This is what God was saying as he was teaching his disciples. In my life I don't want riches or material things. The real truth is I don't know what I need. There's so much I don't understand, but I know the answer is God.

Tell me, are you content in the knowledge that God knows what you need? Are you okay not knowing what you want or need? Do you trust him enough to care for you, his precious creation?

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