Friday, May 23, 2014

The Robins

I hope you made it to Charlotte a couple of weeks ago for the annual BMB Retreat. Going there feels like going home to me. It's amazing...we all look different, are from different parts of the country and have different backgrounds. But I feel more accepted in that place than many other places in my life. Thanks to all of you who were there and made it possible.

A mommy robin built a nest outside my kitchen window the week before I left for Charlotte. She fought the odds of wind, terrible location and the constant struggle to keep her next in tact. When she finally succeeded, I thought I saw a smug smile on her face as she sat in her nest built under an overhang in the pouring rain.

Upon returning from Charlotte, I checked on her to find three scrawny, ugly baby birds. I couldn't even see them the first couple of weeks until mommy or daddy brought home some worms. Then I could see them push up their heads, open their beaks, and disappear again.

A couple weeks later, the babies weren't so ugly anymore. Their feathers had come in nice and fluffy. They continued to let mommy and daddy feed them, but there was hardly any room left in the nest. The chirped to each other and while there was some pushing going on when a parent brought home the food, they all got to eat and grew.

Earlier this week I noticed not only were the babies getting big, but they would take turns flapping their wings while remaining in the safety of their nest. I guess they were getting ready for the big event.

Well this morning while standing at the sink, I noticed the nest was empty. It kind of made me sad because watching the birds had brought me some pleasure over the weeks. But it also reminded me a lot of this group. We are all in various stages of growth and nourishment and flight. But I love how we care about and care for one another.

Hope you are taking time to enjoy this fresh season.

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