Friday, October 11, 2013

Daily Stress = Daily Triggers

My dad was admitted to the hospital earlier this month. He has COPD from smoking a pipe his entire life, so it's nothing new to me and my Mom. When he gets these "COPD exacerbations", he can't breathe. Thankfully, my brother just happened to be flying in the day my dad was in the ER. Long story short, dad's doing well and he's home (for now, at least).

I never realized how much stress impacted my feelings about Micah. That may sound obvious, but it'd never impacted me the way it did that week. I might have been feeling pressure to entertain my brother,  making sure my mom was doing okay, or just worrying if I was going to see my dad the next morning. But I was thinking a lot about Micah, too. I feel guilty about that. I shouldn't be worrying about my son, who doesn't even live with me. I should be worrying about my daddy. Finally, I told myself, "if you let the stress get to you, you'll be no help to your family who need you the most right now." I can't let myself, constantly, get involved with my fears and anxieties. S@!* happens. Sometimes you can't control it. But you can decide to enjoy the ride. 

No matter what your situation is, or what your stress and triggers are, keep pushing forward. Everything happens for a reason. I believe my reason was to come to terms with my true strength and confidence. You can do anything you set your mind to. Something that always helps calm me down when I start feeling sad about Micah, is to think of the original reasons why I decided to make my adoption plan.

Okay, just some food for thought for the upcoming weekend! Why did you decide to make your adoption plan? What are some of your triggers? 

Always remember, you are NOT alone!

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