Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simply Become Who You Are

In redecorating my daughter's room recently, we came across lots of run-on transfers containing words and phrases. Since she is my child, I wanted to put something on her wall that both inspires and blesses her as she grows and becomes who she is. I've seen Bible verses, sayings, drawings, designs - anything can be put on a wall nowadays. 

But then I saw one that summed up me to myself. Simply become who you are is what I feel like I've been trying to do for several years. Integrating birthmothering, parenting, daughterhood, sisterhood and the zillion other things I am into my one person has challenged and stretched me. Being comfortable in my own skin is the thing that stretches me the most.

I would like to think I have outgrown the days of feeling insecure about my height/weight/shoe size/you name it. I think for the most part I have. The more I get to know myself and what I'm about, the less prone I am to fall into the comparison trap. Simply becoming who I am takes the pressure off of me and focuses it on my creator. He made me for a specific reason. He knows all and sees all and even if my house-on-the-corner-in-suburbia life makes no sense to me at times, God knows exactly what he's doing by having me right where I am.

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