Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Santa

I absolutely adore this poem Christmas poem written by Patty Savol a couple of year's back as she was dealing with the first Christmas she giving birth to and placing her son for adoption.

Dear Santa

by Patty Savol

Dear Santa,
Today I'll write my list out
It really isn’t much,
Maybe just a phone call,
A picture, letter, or such.

Its only been a month, 
Plus a few days more, 
Since the day I saw them take, 
My baby out the door.

I swore I wouldn't cry,
and for days I didn't dare,
I knew that he understood,
I know he knew I cared.

But this year my list will be different,
No CDs, candles, or clothes,
U only want one thing from you, 
And that's to let him know I love him so....

Perhaps this isn't an order, 
That you can fill yourself, 
So maybe you can ask God,
If he can offer a little help.

After all He sent the angels,
That comfort my little man, 
So maybe he could ease my fears,
I've done all I can. 

So now I'll close this letter, 
With a thank you, and a please,
Send my boy a piece of my heart, 
Because this Christmas he won't be with me. 

Love Always,
A Birth-Mother

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