Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creating a Pregnancy Scrapbook

Have you thought about or started making a pregnancy scrapbook? You may not feel like making one or feel that you should be making one if you are experiencing an unplanned but as minor as it may sound this is one of my regrets. Even though your pregnancy is unplanned, I encourage you to still try and make the most of it try to enjoy being pregnant whenever possible. Easier said than done, though, right? 
Regardless of what you ultimately decide about either making an adoption plan or a parenting plan, a pregnancy scrapbook can be a great way to remember your pregnancy as well as a neat keepsake item for your child in the future. Plus, it could also relieve some stress by channeling some energy into something positive. Why not invite some girlfriends over, make a “girl night in “out of it, and crop till you drop!
Making a pregnancy scrapbook doesn’t have to be as involved as it may sound. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate (unless you want to do fancy and elaborate) but rather a place to record pregnancy milestones and photos. 
What should you include in a pregnancy scrapbook? Anything related to pregnancy of course! Be creative! Anything goes; you are only limited by your imagination!
Some ideas of things you could include in a pregnancy scrapbook:
  • Ultrasound photos
  • Belly progression photos
  • Photo of pregnancy test
  • Record of stats from each doctors visit (weight, belly growth, etc)
  • Confirmation of pregnancy sheet from doctor
  • Calendar pages that you jot down pregnancy milestones on (like when you felt the first kick)
  • Memorabilia (such as labels from the foods you were craving)
  • Plans you may be making regarding adoption such as when you met the adoptive parents, a photo from that meeting, journaling about how you chose them, etc.
  • Journaling about your thoughts and feelings
Anything else that is meaningful to yourself or that you feel may be meaningful to your child one day!

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