Thursday, December 19, 2013

NOT the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

While many of us are singing carols, dancing around our houses and putting up trees and decorations, it's safe to say that many others of us are struggling with this time of year.

Last Sunday my pastor preached a sermon about how God brought peace into the world in the midst of chaos. If you remember the story in Matthew 2, you'll remember that in the midst wonder and celebration of the birth of Jesus, one man in particular was not celebrating. His name was Herod. And not only was he not happy, but the news that the Christ had been born filled him with murderous rage.

Instead of traveling to see the man that would be king, he ordered every male child under the age of 2 murdered. Killed. Destroyed. He was that afraid that the baby Jesus would grow up and displace him as ruler. Talk about insecure!

Think for a moment about all those moms who lost babies in that rampage. Can you imagine the weeping and wailing that ensued? What a terrible time for the Israelites!

And yet, God had a plan. In the midst of that suffering, Jesus' parents were able to escape to Egypt and keep him safe. And he was able to grow up, die on a cross and come back to life in order to save us from our wrongs.

There is Peace in the chaos. There is Purpose in the hurting. Hang in there. Talk to someone. Reach out to those who have been there and are there and understand. You are not alone in this season or in any season.

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