Friday, September 27, 2013

Birth Grandparents

Today I was asking my mom for ideas for some topics to write about. She suggested a focus on birth grandparents. There's really no outlet for birth grandparents to grieve. But how do you inject the Birth Grandparents into your adoption plan? My mom tries to go to as many visits as she can (my dad can't because of his COPD), but it's still hard for all of us.

I never knew how much my mom missed Micah until the last visit we had in August. The ironic thing about it is she was the one that put her foot down about adoption. (My dad's sick, and my mom works full time. It was just common sense for my family.) It was really surprising for me hearing my mom say how much she missed him and wished Micah could be with us. I was really upset about that statement. If she wanted her grandson so badly, why did she give me an ultimatum. (Either place the baby or get out). I couldn't help but feel all kinds of resentment towards her. But then I realized she's going through something very similar to what I'm going through. When I first placed, I was concerned about my own feelings. But I never realized my parents were hurting too. We've become much closer as a family since this all happened. 

How is your relationship with your parents since placement? Comment below! I'd love to hear some of your thoughts about this.

Also, if your parents are looking for support, there is a Birth Grandparents page on BirthMom Buds.

Until next week, beautiful birth mommas!

Photo: Mom, Steve, and Micah on his first birthday

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  1. I am a First Mother in reunion with my daughter. I am now raising my granddaughter as my daughter is far too damaged to do so.
    Adoption: The Gift That Keeps On Giving.