Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are you my Neighbor?

 Well, thank you ladies for joining in the discussion last week in my post Where are the Others? I think this is an important topic and want to spend the next few posts spit-balling some possibilities. I am always glad to hear from you especially if your view differs from mine. 

One place I think these ladies are is in our neighborhoods. I think many of us have moved on from that time and place in our lives, gotten married, had children, and gone on. This totally describes me although I have made peace with my experience.

I think many women, while they have never truly forgotten their child, have pushed those memories so far away from their current life that it's almost like that pregnancy and that child happened to someone else.

It could be for many of them that they haven't told a soul, not even their husbands.

And I think that while there are women experiencing post-placement effects of some kind, I think they never in a million billion years think it is related to their pregnancy and subsequent placement of a child or children.

Now for the younger moms, this doesn't necessarily hold true. The current generation is very open about their experiences, good and bad, and more likely to reach out for support. But anyone over the age of 40 can identify with the rest of this post.

Do you have any women in your neighborhood whom you suspect to be a birthmom in hiding? I'd love to hear your stories!

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