Friday, August 16, 2013

Passion as a Benefit to Anger

Enough about anger already, eh? It's been good to talk about some of this stuff. I guess before we leave the subject entirely there's one more thing that should be brought out. You know me, I'm all about the healthy, getting your feelings and thoughts out into the light. There's something about naming your sins, past and present hurts, and habits that takes away their power.

That being said, anger can be useful in one way. It can motivate us to change in ways we never thought possible. That anger, dealt with in a healthy way and channeled appropriately can give passion to a cause like nothing else. Here are some examples:
  • Consider birthmothers who have had bad experiences post-placement and as a result have fought to change adoption laws.
  • Consider cancer survivors' families that are so compassionate and passionate about finding a cure so no other family has to go through what they've been through.
  • Consider the Silent No More Awareness Campaign that has brought women who have personally experienced abortion out of the darkness of their shame.
These are all example of women who have been hurt but have used their pain to help others. The Bible says God can use anything and everything for his purposes. When we hold on to our anger and allow it to rule our lives, it eats us up from the inside out until eventually, we are just a hollow shell.

But if we will believe in the God of the Bible, and believe that he can use even the ugliest life brings, we have hope that our suffering is not in vain.

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