Thursday, August 25, 2011

The River

On a recent hike through Rocky Mountain National Park, I heard from God in an unexpected way. Our family was away for a time of rest and refreshment before the crazy fall seaon. It was a great time of expectation and exploration for the kids and for us. For me, I love having time alone in the mountains to talk to God. Sometimes I'm just quiet. I get so little of that in my real life!

One day we were hiking and looking excitedly for new tings like different species of birds and other animals. Our trail led us over a river into the woods. On the back side of the trail, we were to cross the river again.

About halfway into the hike we started hearing the inevitable "Are we there yet?" from the children. So we gave them things to look for. As the end of the hike got closer, I finally told them to start looking for the river. Well, we looked and looked but couldn't see it. However we could hear it grow closer with every step. Then my daughter asked, "How come we can hear the river but not see it?"

You know, God works that way in my life. Although I ramble on guessing at things going on around me, God knows what he's doing all the time. And the God of the universe doesn't need my help in making sense of it. He has a plan and knows exactly how to execute that plan to teach me what I need to know. I know He's at work because I can "hear" him all around me even when I can't "see" how it all fits together.

But that's okay. While we walked and walked and waited expectantly, at just the right time we crested over a hill and there below us was the raging river. What we heard was just an indication of what was to come.

And in my own life at just the right time, I'll come over the ridge and I'll better understand that all of the waiting wasn't in vain. That God was working all things for my good even when I couldn't see it. What about you? Can you see the river clearly? Or are you still waiting?

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