Thursday, July 15, 2010

Retail Therapy

I think regardless of whether or not you have issues to deal with almost every girl in America participates in retail therapy! It’s not good on the checkbook but it’s great for my self esteem and ego.
Perhaps you’ve never heard the term “retail therapy,” so let me explain. Retail therapy is basically the satisfaction some people get from shopping.
Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed retail therapy. In high school, it was something small. I’d buy fingernail polish in a funky color to cheer myself up if I was having a “blah” or stressful day. Fingernail polish was cheap and fun. In college, it escalated to hair accessories. Headbands, scrunchies, or clips; I had quite the collection.
Nowadays, its purses, handbags, or pocketbooks; pick your choice of titles; I love them all. I have quite a purse collection. I have big purses, little purses, handmade purses, name brand purses, off brand purses including tote bags, which are not really purses but belong in the purse family. When I’m feeling blue, if I have the extra cash, I go buy a purse.
Needless to say, I probably buy a purse every month to every other month. My favorite “store” as of lately has become eBay. You can find anything, any kind of purse. There are even people who will custom make the purse, embroidery it with your name or initials, etc. And the best part of eBay shopping: you can shop from the comfort of your own home at two in the morning in your jammies! Now it’s not just actual purses, but purse shaped picture frames, note pads, magnets, etc!
I know, I know, retail therapy is not the best kind of therapy. It can not replace traditional therapy and it could get out of hand. But right now, I have the discipline to keep it under control and enjoy buying something new for myself every so often. After all, I do deserve it!

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