Friday, July 30, 2010

About this Blog

I just want to make clear to our readers what this blog is and isn't all about.....

What this blog is:
A place for selected birthmother bloggers to post their thoughts, feelings, and experiences
A place where other birthmothers can read the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of those bloggers
A place of understanding and friendship

What this blog is not:
A place for bashing, slamming, harassment, or negativity towards any one triad member
A place where bloggers feel they need to defend their decision
A place of negativity and hostility
A place for debate

While this blog is primarily for birthmothers, we do welcome other triad members as well as non triad members to read and learn from our posts but ask if they comment that their comments be respectful. If things get out of hand, this will become a private blog.

We're not saying that you have to agree with each post or that you should not comment if you disagree, we realize that not everyone is going to agree with everyone (and what a boring world this would be if it were that way!) but we do ask that your comments be made with respect.

Lastly, comments should relate directly to the post on which they are left. If they do no relate to the post then they will be removed by administration.

It should also be noted that each blogger here has her own views, thoughts, and ideas about adoption as based on her experiences. They are not neccessarily the thoughts of all birthmothers involved with BirthMom Buds.

Thank you for reading!

1 comment:

  1. I'm a *hopeful* someday adoptive mom to a baby girl. And I can't even begin to comprehend what people would bash ANYONE on here about. But I suppose it happens in all other corners of life :(

    The blog is set up for one of the most amazing groups of people (birthmoms), and I can only hope to gain as much courage/bravery/guts as they already have.

    I wander here to try and FULLY understand all parts of the triad. It's hard, but really needs to be done. Listening by people not in this position (position of birth moms).