Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pack your Bags!

Somewhere in the third trimester of your pregnancy (or the end of your second trimester if you just know you are going to go early like I did!) you probably should go ahead and think about packing a bag with the items you will need to have ready so that when you do actually go into labor, you are prepared and do not have to fumble around packing your belongings. It’s also a good idea because you are able to choose the personal items that will make you feel more comfortable, not have someone else do this for you which could happen if you do not have a bag packed and have to head to the hospital rather quickly. But what should you take to the hospital with you?

Suggested items include:

    * Birth plan or hospital action plan
    *  Pajamas/Night Shirt, robe, and slippers
    * A few pairs of socks to keep your feet warm
    * Telephone numbers of family and friends (may want to bring a calling card as well)
    * Camera and/or video camera (Check with the hospital staff on their policy regarding videotaping in the delivery room)
    * Barrette, rubber bands, or scrunchies if you have long hair
    * Stop watch to time contractions
    * Insurance card and other needed medical information (If you pre-register through the hospital they will probably already have this on file, but it’s a good idea to bring it just in case.)
    * Toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, tooth paste, hairbrush, etc.)
    * Snacks as hospital food can be yucky!
    * Hard candy or lollipops (Your moth will get dry during labor, but check with the hospital staff on their policy of food and candy during labor.)
    * CD Player and soothing music to help you relax
    * Chapstick for dry lips
    * Outfit to leave the hospital in

Once your bag is placed, stick it in an out of the way place such as a front closet so it will out of the way until its d-day!

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  1. My hospital allowed me to bring in a plug-in scented oil thing. Hospitals smell icky. Lavender Vanilla (or whatever your fav scent is... think calming) is a serious improvement! (most hospitals do NOT allow candles, but if you'd like the ambiance, you can get one of those flameless candles with the scent in them)