Friday, July 4, 2014

Let Freedom Ring

Something about Independence Day is both humbling and healing.  It reminds me that our forefathers fought for the freedoms we enjoy.  They endured years of battles, sorrow, and loss in order to gain safety, security, and the pursuit of happiness.

How can we not think of our own struggles and sorrows we overcame to be able to place a child into the arms of another?    We endured a lot of heartbreak and were able to see the bigger and better perspective of what was in the best interest of the child, not myself.  We put our wants and needs aside for their safety, their security, and their pursuit of happiness. 

Trials such as these are life-altering, but always come with a cost.  The price we paid in pain, tears, and grief gives us an added appreciation for life and for love.  We are also blessed with more strength, confidence, and compassion. 

Birthmothers, on this Independence Day, honor your own strength and courage by remembering the trials you overcame and the better women that you are.  Let this small and simple joy resonate throughout your heart today and share this love with others....

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