Thursday, March 28, 2013

Second Chance Mother

Hi friends! If you're like me, you love a good memoir especially when it's one you can relate to. I'm not sure when I downloaded this, but I came across it the other day on my kindle and have fought hard to put it down.

The author is so relatable and real about her forced adoption, the pain and turmoil of her years apart from her son and then her reunion. She writes so that the reader feels that they are experiencing this part of her life alongside her. Her train-of-thought style has certainly captured my attention.

Have you ever thought about writing your story? I have a draft in my drawer. Maybe someday I'll do something with it. But I think if for no other reason, it's important for us to have our stories written down for the children we place, the children we parent and all the other family members involved.

Even those of you in open adoptions, I'm sure there are things you don't want to tell your birthchild or their adoptive family. But someday you may want them to know things. And who knows when that day will come? or if you will be around to share them?

As you can tell, this book has me thinking about my own experience but also my legacy to my family. Funny how a book can do that. Happy reading!

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