Thursday, March 7, 2013


Recently I was invited to speak at a women's retreat a few hours away from my home. It was such an awesome time to get away and be with my mom and not with my children. Not that I don't love them. If you're a parent, you get what I'm saying.

All the time preparing for this retreat I kept asking God to give me the right words. Words that would build up and not tear down. Words that would point them to God and not to the world. Words of wisdom that would impart to them wisdom and courage.

Since that time, I have heard this new song by Hawk Nelson on the radio. While I'm not a songwriter, I think these were the words I was praying as I prepped for the retreat. And while the retreat is over, I hope some of it sticks with me. I hope I am changed by preparing and teaching other women. And I hope my own words to my children build up and encourage and love and not tear down and belittle and despise.

How are your words today?

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