Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Helping Christmas

In the news recently, one of our local professional athletes took his own life and the life of his girlfriend leaving their 3 month old daughter an orphan. Who does that? And why?

That event really burst my Christmas bubble in some ways, but I think it's been for the best that my bubble was burst a little bit. I love this time of year and look forward to the rituals with my children. But since that event was so public and happened in our city, it was an instant reminder that not everyone loves this time of year. Many, many people are hurting.

I would know. I've been one of them. Along with you, holidays have not always been fun since placing my daughter for adoption. Lucky for me enough time has passed that I have good memories of Christmases after her to look to.

So this Christmas, I have been more purposeful in looking around me for others who are hurting, others whom we can encourage and help. My daughter puts money in the Salvation Army kettle every single time we see one, no matter how many errands we run in a day. We are supporting our local food bank this season and have found a family at church who could use a little extra help.

It's been great for my children to think about something besides the gifts under the tree. And for me, it's helped remind me that when I'm hurting, the best thing I can do is help someone else.

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  1. As a fellow birthmom this Christmas is so much more then just the presents. I am different in the sense that I now have my girl in my life. But, this Christmas I am finding myself facing a divorce of a marriage over 20 plus years and the diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. My cancer has given me the gift of seeing the strong woman she has become. I don't have money to buy gifts, but the best gift I have been given is knowing that the decisions we make as birthmoms are made from unconditional love. It can come back in the form of strength when we need it most.

    1. Hey lady.. sorry I'm just getting back to you. Merry Christmas. I'm glad you are able to keep your priorities straight. Presents are not nearly as important as family. My prayer is that God would lead you and guide you through this cancer journey and provide a strong support network for you. Blessings to you and your girl.