Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recap of Past Birthmother's Day Events

Written by Melanie Mosberg for the BirthMom Buds Newsletter

Birthmom Buds 6th annual Birthmother’s Day Celebration is around the corner. On Saturday, May 1st, 2010 in Charlotte, NC, birthmothers will have a day of remembrance, fun and fellowship with other birthmothers.

BirthMom Buds held their first celebration in May 2005 and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. It was a small gathering with fellow birthmothers. I had no idea what to expect. Coley was my mentor during my pregnancy so of course I was excited to meet her in person for the first time but I was nervous as I had never really talked to other birthmothers. I was curious about their stories and experiences and the emotions they encounter. Did they feel the same way I did?

The answer is YES. All of our experiences are different however our common bond is being a birthmother and choosing life for our children and that common bond was evident as I talked with other birthmothers in attendance at BirthMom Buds' very first Birthmother’s Day event.

Coley is one of the most creative people I have ever met and have the privilege of knowing. Each year she, along with a few others, pours her heart and soul into the planning of the event by choosing a fun theme and meaningful other elements to the day. The theme each year is carried out throughout the day from the gift bags to the table arrangements and craft projects.

The theme for 2005 was “Luau for Life” and a Hawaiian luau theme was carried throughout the day complete with leis for each birthmother as she arrived. In 2006, the theme was “Pampered Princess “featuring elegant decorations. Each birthmother donned a sparkly tiara.

In 2007, we celebrated Hollywood style with the theme “You’re a Star” complete with a red carpet. And in 2008, we got tropical with a “Birthmother’s Beach Bash” and each birthmother took home a tiny little beach pail that had sea shells and sand in it. Lastly in 2009, Coley pulled off an unusual but very meaningful theme of "The Road Less Traveled" complete with centerpieces donning road signs like "Adoption Avenue" and "Reunion Way." I think you will love this year's theme!

Each year there is always a candle light ceremony, a slideshow featuring photos of our children, speakers from various different positions of the adoption triad, door prizes, fellowship, yummy food, and so much more! Last year Coley added breakout sessions to the agenda. They were educational and informative and they will return this year.

The first two years, the Birthmother’s Day Celebrations were held in Greenville, South Carolina. In 2007, I took on the task of event coordinator handling the logistics and we moved our celebration to bigger venues in Charlotte, North Carolina. The first event started out small and each year seems to get bigger and better.

If you can make it to Charlotte, NC the 1st weekend in May for the BirthMom Buds Birthmother’s Day Celebration I HIGHLY recommend it. Whether you are a car ride or plane ride away, EVERYONE is welcome. This year's chosen theme is "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" and I certainly can not wait to see what Coley does with this theme!

We've planned a weekend full of activities for those who wish to attend. We also have a discounted group rate at the hotel so please contact BirthMom Buds (birthmombuds(at)gmail(dot)com for more information.

Also, we are still looking for door prize donations and sponsors, if you are interested contact BirthMom Buds about that as well!

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