Monday, February 8, 2010

Crafty Valentine's for Your Child

Will you be sending your Child a Valentine?

If you know me very well at all, you know that I LOVE crafting, creating things, and being creative. So when it dawned on me that Valentine's Day is next week I knew I had to find/make something to send my Charlie and his sister. So, I started looking online and found some cute ideas. I thought maybe some of you were looking for a little something to send your kids for Valentine's Day so I thought I'd share some of what I found. I really should have shared these earlier so either do it quickly or save the ideas for next year. :)

Sweet Shovel
How cute is that? You could even add a little sand pail too and make it a very use-able gift. Although a sand pail would be difficult to mail if you are mailing your ild something like I am.
Find the instructions here.

Heart Crayons
This cute and very practical. They just melted crayons into heart shaped silicone molds. It would be super cute to do a little set of these and then print off some coloring pages (google free printable coloring pages - you'll find tons!).
Find the instructions for the heart shaped crayons here.

Valentine Bubbles
This is simple and fun. Just cover a bubble wand with some Valentine themed paper and you have a fun gift. What kid doesn't love bubbles? Find the instructions here.

Valentine Crackers
Using a toilet paper roll and tissue paper you simply fill up this treat with candy or small toys and you have an inexpensive but fun little treat. Find the instructions here.

And that's it. Which one is your favorite or do you have another creative idea?

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