Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are you Worn?

Hello friends. I hope you enjoyed your holiday week. We took off for the lake and enjoyed it immensely. There's something about getting out of town - even just 100 miles or so - that is so relaxing. It's a time to gain perspective. Sometimes the drama of daily life gets so consuming. Sometimes the drama of everyday life leads one to think that's all there is.

But a retreat to a quiet place is restful. And peaceful.

Since I am one of those God people, I often read books about being a God person. Currently I'm reading Jesus Calling. This morning the author told me to relax in God's presence and be real with him because "when you are with someone you trust completely, you should feel free to be yourself."

I love that! I love the freedom afforded by a close relationship. I love being in a position to not have to 'take on' a certain persona. Who is that with for you? For me it's being home with my family, or getting away together or spending time sitting quietly with the LORD.

I hate the feeling that I have to do or be a certain way to fit in with those around me. It makes me tired. Worn out actually.

Tenth Avenue North has a new song, Worn, about being tired and finding rest. Think about where it is that you find rest. What is the setting? Who is present?

Take time this summer to rest and be quiet. Find a place to just sit. Turn off all your electronic devices. Get comfortable. And listen to the quiet. It may take awhile to become accustomed to it. Ask God to speak to you. When he does, it will be in a very quiet voice deep in your soul. What is he saying? What is he telling you?

The past few months I have tried to find time to do this. Sometimes it's only once a week. But I love it and want more of it. Maybe someday when life slows down.

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