Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Inspiration: Two Women

I love this poem written by an adoptive Mother. I thought I'd share it with you for this week's Sunday Inspiration. Enjoy!

Two Women
by Lori Coleman

Two women cry into the night,
their eyes are filled with tears.
Oh God why is this happening?
I need to feel you near.

One woman sits alone in the darkness,
Decisions she must make.
She wants to do what's best for the child,
It's life she cannot take.

The other woman clings to her mate
And she doesn't understand
why they can't have a child of their own
as so many others can.

These women come from different worlds.
Their lives are miles apart.
But God would deliver the pain they felt
and heal their broken hearts.

And then one precious morning
their lives became intertwined.
Both women's prayers were answered
as they felt God's plan unwind.

One woman touched her newborn's cheek
and whispered to the babe,
"Because I love you little one,
sacrifices I've made."

With the strength she felt from heaven,
to the other woman she gave
the miracle of a baby
for her to love and raise.

The other woman looked down
at her precious baby's eyes
and thanked God for the woman
who had helped fulfill her life.

Two women pray into the night
and thank the Lord above
for the opportunity he's given them both
to feel a Mother's love.

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  1. You can tell an adoptive mother wrote this.