Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's Discuss!

Occasionally I have the opportunity to speak with other birthmothers to a class of prospective adoptive parents. It's called the Birthparents Perspective Class and serves to show adoptive parents the other side, the birthmother's side. We each spoke about our stories, about the pregnancy, the hospital, the adoption, and everything after the adoption and then we were also are able to take questions such as what we looked for in a family, how to address boundaries, and anything relevant to their own situations.

Personally, I love participating in these events, just as I love blogging about being a birthmother, because it isn't something the general public or even those stepping into the adoption process know much about. So, any chance to educate, to provide a glimpse into the other, oft-forgotten side of adoption is one that I try to take advantage of.

One of the birthmothers wrote such an insightful list of "things every birthmother wants adoptive parents to know". I wish I could share it with you, but instead I'd like to prompt some discussion:

As a birthmother, what are some things you wish every adoptive parent, or everyone not acquainted with adoption, could know?

Step up onto your soapbox ;)

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