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Terri lives in Kansas with her husband and 2 daughters. After placing her firstborn daughter for adoption in 1987, she went on to work in a maternity home and eventually directed a pregnancy resource center. She has a master's degree in marriage and family therapy and currently serves as a full-time homemaker and home schooling mommy.

Terri typically posts on Thursdays. You can read Terri's posts here.


Amanda is a 30-something year old newlywed natural mom from NY, currently living in MA.  Her daughter, T is now 12 years old and the light of her life.  Because of the circumstances involved in T's adoption, Amanda is involved in advocating for adoption reform, and hopes to be able to do more in that area in the coming months and years.  Amanda would not be where she is today without the unconditional love and support of her friends she has met in the adoption community, all of whom she considers family.

Amanda posts the Quote of the Week each Sunday, a song each week for Music Monday, and also periodically posts about Adoption Reform. 


Shannon has a unique story.  She was a single mother to 2 year-old Jayden when she married got married.  Because of her new husband’s increased verbal and physical abuse, the marriage ended only two months later and in order to protect herself and her children she placed her second-born son, Karson for adoption, on June 10, 2009.  She has since remarried to a wonderful man and lives in Syracuse, Utah with Jayden, now 8, and step-son, Tyson, who is 6 years-old.

She continues to volunteer for a local adoption agency to help other women in similar situations understand the pros and cons of single parenting versus placing a child for adoption. 

Shannon posts on Fridays and you can read her posts here


Elsa lives in Athens, GA, where she works as a music librarian.  She makes a little money on the side as a crafter with her knitting and crochet. She is also established as a local author.  She placed her son, J, for adoption in 2010.  Since then she has seen him many times, attended local birthmother support groups, and has tried to help those who are in a similar situation to what she was in, come to terms with their decision and what will happen in the coming years.

Elsa usually posts on Saturdays. You can read her posts here

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