Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Tale of Two Supergirls

When I finally realized that I wanted to work with young ladies in unplanned pregnancies, I was out of college and working my first office job. After securing a position at a maternity home, I resigned  and was off to change the world. While working in the development department was not my end goal, it taught me the inner workings of such a large organization. When my car was stolen, I got an even bigger education.

Being young and single, I had no place to go. The home graciously let me move into the apartment behind the chapel. Yes I said chapel. The maternity home was housed in what was once a monastery. Beautiful to look at, creepy at night. But I digress.

Part of my room and board included being on call at night for any resident who needed transportation to the hospital. One fall night in particular sticks in my mind and is the real point of this post. It was late when the phone rang. The caller told me that Sandy* was in active labor. Staying with her most of the night, it was early morning when I finally crawled back into bed.

Then the phone rang again. This time it was Amber* who was in active labor and needed transporting to the hospital. Now I knew Sandy from being around, but I was actually Amber's labor coach. But since I was so tired, I asked someone else to go in my place. A choice I have regretted for many years.

You see, Amber was pregnant not by choice but by rape. Yet her attitude and her example throughout the entirety of her pregnancy was like nothing I had ever seen. She wasn't bitter. She didn't complain. She smiled and sang of God's goodness to her and impacted those around her, staff included.

This year marks 18 years since that night. Sandy and I tried without success to continue a relationship after she left the home, but Amber and I were connected for many years. Although quiet about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy, she has continued to be very outspoken and confident about her decision.

I'm inspired by women who can remain so positive and so devoted to God in spite of their circumstances, aren't you? May it be so for me.

* names have been changed to protect confidentiality

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